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Fancy seeing you here. My name’s Aamer Khan and I’ve been writing since the age of 8. To ensure that I write every day, I devote nearly twice as much time to reading and here’s why.

We’ve been wronged.

Throughout the years, my sole mission was to uncover the hidden truths that have been kept from us—truths that only the chosen few have, i.e. the 1-percenters of the world.

How did they get to where they are now? Where did they start? What were the mantras, processes, habits, concepts that propelled them to join the elite percentage? Questions like that ate at me which is why I picked up my first book.

My finding is that all the answers that we are looking for are in books that have been passed down over generations. The only difference is—only a few of us go above and beyond when it comes to reading.

I understand. Reading is boring. Books are thick, the pages have no pictures and no one has the time to search up a word they’ve seen for the first time in their life, just to understand one sentence.

One of my theories were that this was all intentional. Making books boring was the best way for no one to look at them for long.

And thus, I concluded, that we’ve been wronged.

Which is exactly why I write Aamer’s Letters. It’s a 3x newsletter that keeps it short and sweet to build your habit of reading books.

Late Realizations.

That's what I write about.

They may be different. They may sometimes be absurd to you at first. But trust the process. I've sat with the 1% that are voracious readers and they're no different than you and I, except for a few things that I’m bound to share with you.

I do my best to eliminate the boredom, that’s why I mix it up every now and then to keep your intention. My competition, i.e. social media is doing extremely well at the moment and I want us to fight it.

I might not have all the answers, but like Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, I’ll set you on the right path to find them.

As for who’s in the community, the subscriber list comprises of notable investors, C-Suite folks, directors, startup founders, young graduates and ambitious minds. It’s made up of people from different walks of life and to be honest, I’m not sure how I ended up writing to the elite crowd. Maybe it’s because Aamer’s Letters offers different world views.

“Refreshingly thought-provoking, delivered in a unique and witty style.”
Ashish Agarwal, Managing Partner, Equity - Edelweiss

Maybe because it just clicks.

“Always drives a point home—inspires, aspires, makes you smile, and drives you to act!”
Apurva Shah, Managing Director, TSA Process Equipments

Or maybe because it’s just built for you? Find out now!

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They say you learn by doing things. I write to learn what I've read. If the message gets through, I've read well. If it doesn't, I've got some more reading to do. Dabbling in photography, design and startup stories on the side, gives me joy.